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Welcome! I am Kellye' and I Know Nursing. Kellye' Knows Nursing was established in 2012. In nursing school, I was known as the social butterfly, I hosted study groups and found different ways and methods to understand different disease processes, nursing interventions and pharmacology. I found creative ways to learn the information, grasp key concepts, and then teach it to my classmates. We all had different learning styles, routines, educational backgrounds, and roles outside of school but the ONE common goal of us all wanting to become  Nurses. I recieved alot of positive feedback from my classmates on how well I explained things, and how the information "clicked" when I broke it down. It made more excited and driven to teach the material simply becasue how simple it was for others to pick up.  I knew it was my gift, which became my passion and led me to my purpose to EDUCATE FUTURE NURSES!

Graduating High School & a CNA program (2004) I worked in a longterm healthcare facility for 8 years, became a Student Nurse Tech (2010), LPN (2012), RN, ADN (2014), same year I was married and moved to NC then became RN, BSN (2018). I currently serve as a Staff Nurse/Unit Nurse Educator, now pursuing my MSN Nurse Educator Degree. My former role of an Adjunct Nurse Aide Instructor part time helped shaped my decision and skills to educate. I realized how during all my trials and tribulations I had a success story and journey. I had the strong desire to share and to INSPIRE others, using my Experience and being that "go to" person for advice and coaching for others. 

New Generation Nclex begins April 1st, 2023 and I feel I have the God given power to help students increase their critical thinking skills to improve confidence in passing this new format to become a Nurse!

I plan to use my story to help and guide others to move to the next level and MOTIVATE them to achieve their goals. UPLIFTING them to be positive and keep going in this diverse world and getting all that belongs to YOU!             -XOXOXO Kellye' McRae BSN, RN


Learn, Grow and Build in your Nursing Career. 

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     Nclex Coaching & Tutoring

Career Resume Consulting 

Book           for Public Speaking 


The vision for Kellye’ Knows Nursing is to INSPIRE the professional and personal development for New Nurses and MOTIVATE experienced Nurses. Also to provide support and coaching using this platform to reach the growing population of Millennium Nurses.

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